Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Skirt. Seven Outfits.

High- Low Skirts are a great fashion piece to have. They're so versatile and with just one skirt, you can create so many looks. I'm proving it tonight by creating seven outfits by using one high-low skirt and a few basic MUST-HAVE pieces.

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Disclaimer: Photos and the clothes in the photos below all belong to me .

Whether you're starting your week going to an internship (like me), work, summer school, or just out running errands, this is an outfit for us all. If your work/ internship requires you to dress 'business casual' or even just 'casual', pair your high-low skirt with a nice simple cut blouse. If you're going to go with a loose flow top, make sure the top's material is light. You don't want a top that is too heavy or else it could cause you to look bulky. If your day will be running errands or going to summer school, the same rule applies here. Who says you can't look cute going to the grocery store or the post office?

Top: Tuck in your top into your skirt. Make sure the shirt is flattened underneath the skirt.
Accessories: 2 Belts-- Raise your skirt to your belly button or higher and then double belt the skirt. Necklace-- If your top is a solid color or with a simple design, add a necklace to your outfit. 
Shoes: Open Toed Shoes-- Wedges, Open-toed pumps, sandals, etc.
( No flip flops! Flips aren't business anyways. Save those for the beach )

Business/ Casual Meeting Day! Racer-back tank tops and camisoles are NOT just casual-wear anymore-- all you have to do is dress it up.

Top: Put on a camisole or racer-back tank top. Then tuck it in the skirt like you did for Monday's look. 
Outerwear: Cover up with a quarter sleeved thin fitted cardigan to make this look more professional.
Accessories: Add a belt tying your tank top, cardigan and skirt altogether to slim your waistline.  
Shoes: Try a pair of heels-- Pumps, pointy-toed heels, or even flats (for the super tall girls)
XTRA: Turn your skirt to the side so one side is longer than the other.


Dress your "Hump Day" up-- Bohemian style. 

Top: Grab an oversized top that flows-- tuck the top into the skirt slightly at the front.
Accessories: Belt it! Allow the top to be tucked slightly in the front with the belt also slightly shown.
Shoes: Go for the open-toed sandals today or bring back those wedges from Monday's look. 
XTRA: Color blocking has been very popular this past year so don't be afraid to keep the color going by matching bold colors together!


Movie Date Night

Top: Pick out a dressy tank top to show off those arms (excuse to get your date to offer up their sweater--everyone knows that it's freezing in the movie theatre!)
Accessories: Tie a casual braided belt over your high-low skirt leaving 1/2 inch to 1 inch of the skirt showing from the top. Add some jewelry to your look with a small necklace
(nothing too big and loud-- you don't want your jewelry to get shushed by the other people in the theatre)
Shoes-- Choose a pair of ballet flats, moccasin flats (fitted-- not the slipper ones), toms, or sperrys. 
Casual Fridays

Top: Pull out your favorite graphic tee or plain v-neck-- scrunch and tie the shirt at your waist with a hair tie or rubber band. I pulled out my hot dog T-Shirt signed by Project Runway Season 2 and All Star Designer, Mondo Guerra. I met Designer Mondo (dressed models in his designs too) in El Paseo, California when I volunteered for Fashion Week El Paseo over my Spring Break. (He signed his hot dog designed shirt for me and gave me a gum-ball bracelet that all the models wore during his Runway Show!)
Accessories: If you're a jewelry fanatic, like me, you'll want to add jewelry to even your most casual outfits. So-- with this casual Friday outfit, add some bangles or ton different colored thin bracelets. 
Shoes: Go casual with "van-like" shoes. Keds, Target brand sneakers, etc. (Just no shape-ups please)


It's the weekend! Shopping day, eating out day and basically anything else that involves the outdoors.

Top: Yes, you are seeing the picture below correctly. No, I'm not insane (at least not yet). Wear your high-low skirt as a high-low tube top. There are so many tops that short in the front and long in the back, so why not turn your skirt into a shirt?
Accessories: Add a belt right under your bust for a more fitted look or put on a statement necklace that sits on the chest.
Bottoms: Pair some denim shorts with the high-low top for a casual "put together" look.
Shoes: Sandals for a girly look or "Van-like" shoes for a casual sporty look.


Comfortable Sunday Funday

Top: Bring back that tank top/ camisole from Tuesday's outfit but leave it untucked today. Allow the tank top to lay over the high-low skirt.
Accessories: Put on an oversized loose short sleeved cardigan and a long dangly necklace over the top.
Shoes: Try a pair of sandals or wedges for the final touch to this look.

Thanks for reading my "1 Major Piece : 7 Styles" post. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Iriswxoxo <3
"Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears & Your Actions Louder Than Your Words"

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